Offset your emissions – Individuals


The world needs to move to a net zero global economy by 2050

According to the IPCC, we must achieve global net-zero emissions by 2050 to keep warming below 1.5 degrees. If we commit to this goal, we will theoretically avoid adverse effects in our environment and society, such as extreme droughts, floods, water stress, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, and a secure food supply. These and other factors are essential for sustaining the balance of our planet’s natural life for our most beloved people and future generations.

How can you help?

Industry burning fossil fuels is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. However, you as a citizen can take a step further to support a No Carbon planet, and strike a pathway towards a sustainable future while neutralising your carbon emissions.

Calculating and offsetting the emissions will fund worldwide initiatives

Clean Water

Clean water prevents exposure to numerous diseases, saving lives and stimulating economic development in countries.

Renewable Energy

Accelerating the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy in the market will benefit the socioeconomic growth of emerging countries.

Earth Saving

Plant trees and support forestry programs that have the ability to protect biodiversity, enhance air quality and improve water supplies.

Be conscious of your impact

Use our questionnaire to see how much your habits affect carbon levels, and fund compensation projects to reduce your personal carbon footprint. You will also receive a science-based report to understand your emissions and pathways to reduce your emissions based on your impact.

No Carbon services

  • Carbon & Water Footprint Report

  • Strategies to minimize your impact

  • Funds in sustainable development projects

Why choose us

Our No Carbon report is free of charge. You will receive a report integrated with UN SDGs. This will also point out how you can maximize your contribution to SDGs.
With the most up-to-date scientific research papers on the calculation of water and carbon. We aim to use our data sources in a reliable and transparent manner.
In our business, partnerships are crucial. We work closely with the projects that you will support and make sure bringing the most up to date information about them.
We′re here to help you understand your impact and how you′re aiming to benefit from reaching carbon neutrality.