Offset your emissions – Businesses

Recognize the true cost of carbon

Operators of industrial installations in the EU and EEA are obliged to surrender a number of carbon allowances equivalent to their GHG emissions in metric tonnes. In the 4th Trading Period, they can no longer use CER mined under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism. Instead, they’ll have to stick to the much pricier EUA certificates. We help you comply with your ETS obligations by finding EUAs at the right price.

Create carbon-conscious demand

But other businesses have good reason to watch their carbon footprint, too. Consumers are growing increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the products they buy. All else equal, they will go for the low-carbon variety of the good or service they want to have. Offset your emissions using Gold Standard CERs from certified projects reducing carbon emissions in developing countries – you can even place a QR code on your products or website to help customers trace the project they are supporting, to win their heart and secure their trust.

No Carbon services

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  • Climate strategy and targets

  • Corporate Sustainability Report

  • Supply chain roadmap