About Us

Our mission: growing grassroots, reducing the footprint

The fight against climate change cannot be won by activists, firms, or even governments. We all need to change our behaviour. Slowing anthropogenic climate change requires every one of us to contribute – just the way it takes many grassroots to erase a footprint from the soil.

Climate change is a global emergency and the biggest challenge of our time.

It is not a single problem but a threat multiplier that impacts every part of our lives: the food we consume, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the places we call home and the plants and animals that make up our ecosystems.

Take action with data insights aligned with international targets.

At No Carbon, we work with businesses and individuals across the globe. We help realise deep decarbonisation pathways across production and consumption in line with international targets as set out in the Paris Agreement and the UN Development Goals (SDGs).

Offset by funding sustainable development projects.

With projects that aim to protect our biodiversity, improve the living conditions of people and increase the share of renewable energy, No Carbon promotes quantifiable climate protection and long-lasting development worldwide. While these projects neutralise emissions, we also believe that merely neutralising emissions cannot guarantee arresting the rise of global temperatures. Therefore, we also aim to support individuals and organisations with best practices to actually reduce their emissions, building a better world and sustaining our planet for future generations.

Our Philosophy

Neutralising your carbon footprint means to take responsibility for your own emissions. Welcome to the team! We believe in integrity, responsibility and reliability.

Deep transformation often starts on the individual’s level. Rethinking our personal behaviour, we believe that measuring and reducing carbon footprint builds a truly sustainable culture driven by positive actions.

Our methods are science-based. We measure your carbon footprint with the most up-to-date information from reliable and well-scrutinised scientific sources. We believe that individuals and organisations should strive for a future of 1.5 °C, and steadily work towards reaching that goal.

Fostering collaboration at the core contributes to climate action and sustainable development across the globe. Transformation can be brought about by partnerships to promote sustainable growth and prosperity.